What is up with GRADES OF HAIR in this virgin hair industry?

This means NOTHING.

There are no agencys that govern the properties of human hair grades such as there is for organic food or the pharmaceutical companies. This resulting in inconsistencies, what one company may consider to be 5A , 6A, 7A ( what are we up to now 20A lol ) may not be the equal to what another may be. There are a lot of hair companies today with no idea where their hair comes from or how it is classified.

When purchasing hair be sure what you are looking for and a " Grade should not be it"

Virgin hair is just that Virgin Hair hair unaltered by chemical processes. Now there is virgin hair from older persons and younger persons. How is the hair collected? Is it fallen hair from brushes, and floors, or cut from a donors head directly. Then there is a matter of how it is aligned, are the cuticles facing in the same direction or opposite one another. 

So what does all this mean? How does it affect my hair purchase?

  • Virgin hair is stronger than chemically processed hair, it can withstand the elements. With virgin hair you also have a larger variety of customization options in color and style as the hair is unaltered
  • Virgin hair from older persons or your persons is honestly a personal preference. some origins of hair may degrade faster than others in reference to the persons age. In hair from older persons more gray hair may be apparent. However one must keep in mind that it takes years to grow 30" of hair thus meaning the longer the hair you wish to purchase the older the diner will be. 
  • Is your virgin hair collected from donors heads or from the floor? If it is collected from floors and brushes this means the lifespan of the hair strands are near their end. As with your own hair, virgin hair extensions have a life span. If the hair has already detached from the scalp this probably means that that specific stand is nearing its end and will to be as strong as one intentionally cut directly from the head.
  • Oh cuticle alignment is one of the most important things when it comes to hair flow. Imagine a blade of grass, swipe one way and your safe, swipe the other and your bleeding. Hair stands are just the same ( without the blood lol). Each strand of hair has cuticles, something like scales on a  fish. They go in one direction only, when they are lifted this is what is referred to a s split ends but we will get into split ends in another post. Back to cuticles, when your virgin hair extension's cuticles are all facing in the same direction like the cuticles on your own head matting is not an issue. However if the cuticles are not aligned eventually the hair will turn in to what i like to call a beast. A ball of hair that is near impossible to release. There are companies that will use non-cuticle aligned hair and apply silicones to cover each hair follicle resulting in no more tangles (until it washes off a month or so down the line ) and sell it to you as virgin hair. 

Lengths2Love offers 100% virgin hair extensions (unless otherwise stated) that are cuticle aligned and cut from donor heads. We do not collect hair from brushes nor floors. 

The hair industry is not easy to maneuver however with the right knowledge you can find your way to the #slay at the end of the rainbow. Don't be afraid to ask questions you already know the answer to, check your suppliers knowledge, chances are they may have no idea what they are selling you!

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