Hey love, I’m Jen, founder of Lengths2Love. I started Lengths2Love in 2012 after years of being a preschool teacher. What a career change right? After having my second child I wanted to find a way to spend the most time possible nurturing my little family. 


I’ve had a huge passion for hair since I was very young. Always trying the latest style, color, cut. From 27 pieces to poetic justice braids 😂🙈. So with the encouragement of my hubby I dove head first into the hair industry!  


It’s surely been a very interesting journey but we’ve serviced thousands worldwide and I sincerely hope your next!


My mission is to help women break out of the box. Wear the hair you want whenever you want!   My hair, just like my clothing choices are an expression of my personality. For some it’s a protective style perfect for when your hair needs a break. For those suffering from hair loss, as I did postpartum or otherwise hair extensions provide a sense of normalcy and comfort. What ever it is hair extensions mean for you I hope to be able to provide. 💕