Lengths2Love offers 2 cap styles full lace and lace front


What is the difference between Without straps and combs vs Clueless with adjustable straps and combs?



What is the difference between full lace and lace front and 360 lace wigs ? 

Lace front units are comprised of wefts in the back and a sheer lace in the front. This sheer lace has strands of hair which are individually hand knotted into it. Full lace units however are completely comprised of hair individually knotted into the cap. 360 Lace wigs have a lace perimeter with strands of hair individually hand knotted into it and wefts in the center  Lace front units are great for those whom don't wish to wear there hair in many different styles, while full lace units are for maximum versatility. 

What are the cap measurements for Lengths2Love units? 


We manufacture our caps in three sizes using the following measurements:



How to determine your cap size? 


Prior to measurement you want to be sure your hair is  lying as flat as possible (with or without a wig cap). Prep your hair the way you would prior to applying the wig. Using a tape measure calculate the following measurements: 


Be sure the tape measure is flush with your head and not stretched.  When measuring, place your measuring tape outside of your natural hairline.


What is density? 

When referring to density we are referencing how thick or thin the hair on your lace wig is. On average the human head is considered to be between 100%-120%.

Lengths2Love standard is 130% with a 80% density gradient around the hairline , unless otherwise specified.


Below is a Hair density Chart that you can use as a visual guide.



How to measure the length of my lace wig?

When our lace wigs are manufactured we harvest one length of hair, when this hair is attached to the cap it falls in a way that appears as layers though it is not cut into layers. If you wish to have a blunt cut at a certain length we suggest purchasing 2" to 4" longer and cutting to the desired blunt length.